Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rhode Island Cigarette Prices

Should marihuana be legalized in the states?
Whats ur opinion ?
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The product could be packaged and sold in legal outlets much like tobacco and alcohol are sold. with tax stamps affixed taxing the product at the same rate as cigarettes the benefit to society would be the huge income from the legal use of marijuana as a controlled substance.

For instance the excise tax stamp rate in California is $0.87 and Rhode Island's is $3.46 per pack for cigarettes. The current Federal Tax Rate is $1.01 per pack.

So the tax on a controlled THC content for 20 "joints" could be $1.88, per pack or if we used RI's $3.46 it would be $4.47 per pack.

California would be able to use the $3.46 per pack in the states general tax fund.

The price of the product would be market driven, based on cultivation, transportation and distribution costs, setting a price of around $5.00 to $6.00 or a total cost of $9.47 to $10.47 per pack.

The tax benefit alone represents a reason to legalize marijuana.

The reduction in crime from the cultivation and protection of crops by illegal aliens and criminal activity in distribution of the substance would be eliminated. It would put law abiding farmers to work or back to work growing a crop for legal distribution and eliminate the illegal activities of those currently involved in the black market control of the substance. All private cultivation would remain an illegal activity.

As a non-user I support the legalization and taxation of the product to reduce crime and benefit the whole of society. Local state control for use at 21 years of age or older would seem to be the best intelligent option.

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