Monday, January 14, 2013

Price Of Cigarettes In North Carolina

What is the lowest price of cigarettes sold in usa?
As an over the road truck driver and one that hauls cigarettes VIRGINIA is the cheapest. North Carolina has a higher tax than VA and Kentucky has places that are as cheap as VA but those places are few and far between. A carton where I live is 23.99 for Marlboro. Winston is a little cheaper and the cheap cigarettes are about 15.99 to 21.99 a carton. Sometimes the Indian reservations out west are close to these prices. But not always. Hope this helps.
About $25 for a carton (200) Marlboro in VA. I believe VA and KY have the lowest tax on cigarettes. I noticed nearly the same prices at the duty-free shop in Atlanta airport a few weeks ago, too.

Now maybe a great time to stop smoking if you've been wanting to kick the habit as cigarette prices are on the way up.


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